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All over the world floriculture growers take a lot of efforts to organize clean, sustainable and honest production. We find it highly important to contribute to that. We are taking care of the environment and therefore producing plants in an environmentally friendly way.

Integrated pest management (IPM) is a current standard. According to the standard the focus is on using biological means. Only when it’s really needed chemicals are used as a support to beneficial insects. As a result of this approach the usage of chemicals in the crops which are cultivated by Kili Holland is significantly reduced.
All our producers are using chemicals which are free of neonicoinoids which means that they are not harmful for bees.
Our suppliers hold MPS-A certificate MPS-A Certificering or higher.

Socially concerned

Being socially oriented our suppliers from Tanzania, Ethiopia and Russia are aiming to provide extra support to the areas where they are working. Employees of these production locations can count on being treated honestly. They are getting proper salary and are working in safe conditions. Moreover they are provided a chance to implement their ambitions in socially oriented activities.
Local schools are getting our support in the form of materials. Partly due to our presence in the area local economies are blossoming.

On the picture one of the 20 outgrowers of Pachyphytum leaves which are being sold to the company. By taking part in this project the company is supporting local people.