About Kili Holland


Kili Holland is established in Hoek van Holland at the border of Westland. Westland used to be one big sea of glass. Nowadays, though the greenhouse companies still exist, it is more and more becoming a trading and knowledge center for greenhouse farming.

Market development

Greenhouse farming areas can be found throughout the Netherlands. Being part of one of the most innovative sectors in the business world, a lot of companies have taken cross-border steps. Savings on energy and labour costs are important motives for that. Furthermore, the necessity to meet the demand of delivering all year long, coming from the market, with quality demands constantly growing at the same time, have led to a lot of companies spreading their wings to places where they can meet these demands. Following, Africa is the continent where a lot of Dutch companies have started their own establishments or cooperations with African companies.


The knowledge in the field of growing and increasing cuttings from tropical plants, during many years amassed in the Netherlands and Tanzania, led to a collaboration with Vasso Agroventures under the name of Kili Holland in 2006. This company is established in Tanzania at the foot of Africa's highest mountain, Kilimanjaro.

The Kilimanjaro
Africa's highest mountain, Kilimanjaro


Activities of Kili Holland are not limited to the delivering of products on request, but also include propagation programs and planning and support on the production. Building a sustained relationship with the European customer is Kili Holland's prime objective.